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👤by Administrator 📅Jan 09 2020

We already said big thanks for your help and support during the tests but we realized that words are not enough. We'd like to thank you, symbolically but with all our heart.

We prepared for you commemorative Kinto skins for achieving:
- 100 level (Golden Tome of Honor),
- 200 level (Divine Tome of Gratefulness),
- 300 level (Royal Tome of Gratitude).

It's not everything! Every player who created an account before December 31st, 2019 will receive a free 3 days premium account.
Once again, thank you very much and we promise that we will do everything to make RotS the game you are waiting for!

Some of you have already participated in our PvP events right? Great! We are happy we can announce monthly rewards for the best players. On the beginning these will be quite generous rewards associated with the game world itself. If you like this system, it is possible that we will prepare better rewards which will be sent to your homes in real life!

Patch note:
- fixed PVP Rewards window,
- fixed closing Team Search window,
- added new technique for Dende - "Magic Materialization" - Dende uses Dragon Clan's ability to create an exploding fire which deals damage to the target and nearby enemies,
- from now on players will lose their backpacks after death from level 30,
- cost of bless reduced to 500 zeni from 1000 zeni per level,
- some fixes and adjustments to item bonuses,
- Puar Stone and Golden Shovel from now will appear in Quest Pouch right after purchase.

Server launches in less than 2 hours! You can already create your characters and download the game

Kind Regards,

DBSF Team.